Sunflower Sunset times 2
Boulder, Colorado
Limited Edition of 750

When this shot was taken in Boulder County, Colorado on August 17, 2006, Colorado was considered one of the top producers of Sunflowers in the United States. I stood in this humongous field waiting for the perfect light after a full day of thunderstorms. Fortunately the sun peaked just prior to it setting over the majestic Rocky Mountains. Interestingly, each of the flower heads were pointing in the same direction - towards the camera. This made for a unique shot as normally, the heads follow the sun.

Unfortunately, Colorado's status as a top-five sunflower producer in the United States has ended, and experts wonder whether the crop that once covered as many as 300,000 acres will ever make a full comeback. Colorado's total sunflower production was 55.2 million pounds in 2012 - down about 55 percent from 2011, according to official 2013 Colorado Agriculture Statistics. The 2012 drought took a toll on a number of crops. Colorado's wheat, hay and corn production all dropped. But no crop saw a decrease as did sunflowers.

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